The French research institute for perfume, medicinal and aromatic plants

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Organization Description
ACTA The network of institutes for animal and plant sectors
AFNOR French Association of standardization
AIHP Interprofessional Association of herbs
ANSM (formerly AFSSAPS)(ex- AFSSAPS)
French Agency for the Safety of Health Products
ASTREDHOR Technical Institute for hoticulture
CAMIFOLIA The garden of medicinal and aromatic plants in Chemillé (49)
CPPARM The committee for aromatic and medicinal plants
CFPPA Montmorot Training center Montmorot (39)
CFPPA Nyons Training center Nyons (26)
IHFFC Interprofessional Committee of French Essential Oils
CNPMAI National Conservatory of medicinal, aromatic and industrial plants
Cosmetic Valley Perfumery-Cosmetics cluster
CRIEPPAM Regional Interprofessional Centre for Plants Perfume, Aromatic and Medicinal plants
EFSA European Food Safety Authority
EUROPAM European Herb Growers Association
FranceAgriMer FranceAgriMer
MAPP de France Union of professionals from the perfume, aromatic and medicinal plant sector
PASS Aromas, perfumes, scents and flavors cluster
SRPV Regional Service for Plant Protection
VEGEPOLYS Competitive cluster specialized in plants