The French research institute for perfume, medicinal and aromatic plants

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About us

ITEIPMAI is a Technical Institute that carries out applied research to assist the perfume, medicinal and aromatic plant sector.


This national association around 5 main axes :

  • The creation of tailor-made varieties that respond to the ever changing needs of growers
  • The development of improved and environmentally friendly tools and methods for crop protection and management
  • The identification of fresh market niches that provide more opportunities for growers through the use os new species or innovative uses of existing species
  • Structuring the sector and the evolution of its regulations and standards (AFNOR, Pharmacopeia)

Being an Association (1901 law), the General Assembly of the ITEIPMAI (about 130 members) elects a board of directors composed of 15 members (5 for each of the medicinal, aromatic and perfume plant sectors). It is chaired by Laurent Martineau.

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