The French research institute for perfume, medicinal and aromatic plants

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Quality analysis is at the heart of the activity of Phytochemistry-standard service of ITEIPMAI.

Ask us for about your analysis : This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 0241303079

  • Samples that can be analyzed :
    • Plants,
    • Plant extracts,
    • Essential oils,
    • Complex matrices: feed, food supplements, …                            
  • Examples of the molecules we detect :
    • Phenolic acids,
    • Flavonoids,
    • Alkaloids,
    • Polyphenols,
    • Terpenes and their derivatives,
    • Coumarins,
    • Etc…
  • The methods we use :
    • The official methods (Pharmacopoeia, ISO, ...)
    • Internally developed methods
    • Our customers’ methods.

Expertise Phytochimique



From substances that have recently required attention (plant by-law June 2014), we can analyze :


    • The volatile: anethole, apiole, asarone, camphor, carvacrol, carvone, coumarin, elemicin, estragole, eucalyptol, fenchone, isosafrole, menthofuran, methyl eugenol, myristicine, piperitone, pulegone, salicylatedeméthyl, terpenes, alpha and beta thujone, thymol,
    • Alkaloids,
    • Isoflavones,
    • Etc…

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Chart substances analyzed ITEIPMAI and rates